NW Render's Workflow


Phase 1 consists of gathering the necessary resources from you. (ex: Floor Plans, Elevations, Color Pallet, Material Lists.) See FAQ's section.


In Phase 2 NW Render will take the provided resources and create your model taking it to the preliminary stage, which includes the full model, materials applied, and color’s applied.  At this point NW Render will send you a Check Render which you will then review and either make corrections or approve.


Phase 3 will be the correction phase, If there are corrections to be made they will be made at this point.  After all corrections are complete another check render will be provided for your approval. ( If there are no corrections we will move to Phase 4.)


Phase 4 is the final phase where we will landscape your image with foliage from the region that you request, as well as crank up the render setting and provide you with a High Resolution .jpg image of the finished project. (other format images are available upon request)


Sample Check Render.jpg
Sample Check Render.jpg
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Sample Check Render

Note: Phase steps may change depending on project complexity.