Frequently Asked Questions

“What do we send you?”


“What do you need from us to get started on our rendering?”




  • Please Send us Autocad Drawings, or PDF's of Floor Plans, Elevations, and Sections of the building or room you would like us to render.  If these are not available a sketch is usually sufficient showing sizes and dimensions of the building or room.

  • For example for a kitchen rendering, provide us a sketch of the kitchen showing locations of the appliances and the diminsions for key elements in the room, for example - the island, built in pantry, windows, doors and lights.  From this we can easily create your kitchen rendering.

  • Next we will need the colors and textures that you would like us to apply to different items in your rendering.  Usually creating a list makes it very easy for us to get your rendering correct the first time, for example - for an exterior residential rendering:

    Stone - Light Grey
    Trim - White          
    Accent - Light Blue            
    Body - Light Tan                        

    Entry Door - Red
    Garage Door - White


NOTE: A color swatch # from the paint

 manufacturer works best